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Calypso Minerals - Update

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Thanks so much for your comments on my post about Calypso Minerals. You certainly opened my eyes in how to deal with this kind of issue.

I tried BBB, but their database can't find Calypso Minerals business name. I don't have her address to try the option of looking for the business by address. Does any of you happen to have her address?

Paypal dispute period is 45 days after payment, so I'm way too late. I did accelerate the dispute to claim, but they refused to look into the matter, as it was too late. I let this issue going on for too long, as I was still hoping in people's goodwill to do the right thing to me. Too naive?

My credit card company can't help me either, as they said they could only look into the matter within 30 days of the statement. How come I never knew that?

So I honestly ran out of options to get my $48 back, unless by a miracle, Jen actually does what she promised on her blog and refunds me the money. I don't know how badly this experience would affect my habit of buying makeup online from now on, and more than that, my faith in businesses' honesty and good practice. For this reason, maybe Shoppers and Sally would be getting more of my money :-)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about this.

    I say keep e-mailing her and KEEP trying! She can't get away with this, $48 is A LOT of money.

  2. It's sad but that is why I don't tend to shop online! I just fear that people will not follow through, which is sad b/c I know there are so many wonderful small as well as big business owners out there who always want to do the right thing. Not only that but they go above and beyond to make your experience a good one! I just wish there was a sign that flashed saying who they were!

  3. for some reason I thought it was longer for CC refunds. Interesting to know that it was THAT short. I know that its like 2-4 weeks for Bank statement mistakes :T

    As unfortunate as it is...u can try and comfort yourself that you have the rainbow stack. Though if I recall seeing pictures its the same thing as the Annabelle Studio pigments... There is no excuse for her though. Im going to hope that she follows through on her plan and refund everyone...

    Thx for updating us, and letting us know about the CC issue too!

  4. Arezu, I am still trying. So sucky

    Nancy, a sign would be nice :-)

    rasilla, yes I still have the rainbow stack (didn't really appeal much to me though). I wanted to get duochromes as they are more fun to play with.

  5. I'm not surprised BBB can't finder her either...she probably doesn't even care. I think after all of this I'm gonna stick with buying only from BBB ACCREDITED bizs like BFTE & such. So there is a history & a watchdog to protect my money.

  6. Jenni, now I'm aware of BBB and will do the same - stick with reliable companies only. Thanks for sharing

  7. Is there any more updates on this situation? I'm going through the same thing and can't find anyone else who is too and has gotten any further information from her :/