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Fabulous .99 haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Guys, I'm so excited. I came home last night with lots of Carlo Di Roma goodies. And the thing is they only cost me .99 a pop!!! Note that they are CAD4.99 regularly.

I read a few weeks ago on Nouveau Cheap that this brand ended up at Dollar Tree stores in the US, but the stuff was of good quality. I was so sad I couldn't get any that cheap, as I never saw this brand go on sale. Today when I saw the ".99" signs on the Carlo Di Roma shelf, I couldn't believe it. What happened to this brand, I don't really know, but what I know was I ran to grab a basket and just literally threw stuff in, not really looking much. I only had 5-10 minutes to spend before picking up Squirt, but I did well.

EDIT: The staff told me the brand is discontinued, so Lawton wanted to clear the shelf for something else. I also edited the post with other stuff I got when I came back to the store the second time. Thought it'd be easier to put everything from this brand in 1 post :-)

The eye products:
Top row: the Glacons - creamy shadows in very cute packaging - little globe of colour inside a square clear hard plastic case. I love it. From L-R: light burgundy, bronzed brown, green, pearly beige, pinkish purple and purple (no real shade names).

Middle row: the Shiny Powders - roll-on shadows. I like the idea of no-mess application, great for touch-up too. From L-R, top-bottom: blue (#11), light green (#10), bronzy pink (#8), yellow (#3), navy grey (#12), bronze (#5), white (#1) and grey (#13).

Bottom row: the Trio Binaural shadows - 3 combos of complimentary shades (highlight, wash colour and crease colour). From L-R: grey (#11), pink (#15) and green (#5).

Top row: coloured mascaras. I got blue, green, navy and grey. I never had anything other than black mascara for practical reason, but it'd be a fun change once in a while to have a different colour on the lashes for a night out or something. I gotta figure out how to pair the mascara with the eye makeup.

Bottom row: on the left is Definetif Waterproof mascara with red elastomere brush to lenghthen the lashes up to 70%.

On the right are the Eyeliner Spheres. There were supposed to be 7 colours but only the blue was left. I like that these are waterproof, but I'm not a big liner person. I hate to ruin my eye makeup by a mistake in applying liner, so I don't wear it at all on the upper lid.

There were some pencil lipliners on the shelf too, but I wasn't interested. The eyeliners were all gone, I guess they were more popular. One thing I didn't pick up also was the glitter roll-ons. Don't really have meaningful use for them. Squirt would love them though :-)

The lip products:
Top row: Black Label lipsticks - supposed to be long lasting and moisturizing, with a shine. From L-R: purple (#48), bright rosy pink (#35), fuschia (#38), bronzy red (#46), rosy purple (#37), orange (#44), pink (#34) and mauve (#27).

Bottom row: Diamond Lip glosses - talk about shimmer! The shades look really nice in the tubes. "Never a dull moment", I would say. From L-R: red (#10), pearl (#7), bronze (#12), fuschia (#11), pearly pink (8) and pink (#9).

Top row: 3D Magic Lip glosses. These are like the Diamond lipgloss with squirly patterns. The reflective pigments contribute to boost the shiny shine. From L-R: pearly pink (#33), pearly burgundy red (#36), orange (#32), light brown (#31) and red (#35).

I really like the packaging, slick with black top and clear body. There is a bit of a curve near the bottom too, very chic.
Bottom row: Vicious Lip glosses with Real FX Shine. They are meant to provide radiant and sensual colours :-) From L-R: red (#18), pear with multi coloured shimmer (#13), bright pink (#17) and baby pink (#16).

It'd be interesting to test out and compare these 3 different lines of lip glosses. They retail for the same price, and the descriptions didn't really tell the differences either.

The cheek products:
The Terracotta bronzing powders, like most of bronzers, come with cute sun pattern on the surface. They have fine particles of terracotta and nacres to lighten the skin naturally. There are 4 shades: #1 and #4 are shimmer with lighter tone, #2 and #3 look matte, a little darker.

Bottom row: Moulin Rouge blushes, supposed to enhance the cheeks and hide small defects. From L-R: peach (#3), pink (#8) - these 2 are matte, peachy pink (#11) - shimmer. They look very pretty IRL but don't show well in the picture at all.

And lastly, the nail polishes:
There were quite a few neutral/nude shades that I didn't pick up, so these are the ones called out to me the most.

First row, from L-R: an orangy beige (#33), baby pink (#61), dark red with gold sparkles (#70) and rosy pink (#27).
Second row, fuschia (#72), light purple (#10), velvety brown (#69) and blackish fuschia (#71). Finish is either cream or shimmer.

I like the rectangular shape of the bottles, again with black caps. 14ml is a decent/regular size for polish bottles, so it is certainly a steal not having to pay CAD4.99 but CAD0.99 for these. Interestingly, the nail polishes that Recessionista found had a totally different bottle design.

I suck at describing colours, and it doesn't help that Carlo Di Roma didn't name their shades. The colours didn't show up well in the picture because of the glare from the window. I'll do a few NOTDs with these so you can see them better, not al at once though :-)

For the little time I had at the store, I didn't touch the liners, mascaras, or foundations and will have to come back. In the mean time, you can check out Carlo Di Roma catalogue to see the products they carry (the main website hasn't been updated for a while). Quite a few products in the catalogue Lawton didn't carry. Now with the clearance, they would be even harder to find.


  1. Woo hoo!!! What a great haul girl! I was drooling over the nail colours and looove the little Glacons - I would find them too cute to use.

    Thanks so much for the coupon code you sent for ELF - me and 4 friends went in together on one huge order, so when we split the $8 shipping, it'll only be $1.60 each. I just put about one of everything in my cart, and the total order for all of us was still only about $95 - for over 60 items! (Some of my friends ordered items from the other lines as well that weren't on promo).

    You rock girl!

  2. Scooooore!!! Halifax! How happy are you right now? You were *just* telling me that these aren't 99 cents in your area and then THIS happens! Whoo hoo! OK, I cannot wait to hear what you think of all of these goodies (wow, you got soooo many that aren't even available here in the US). NOW look who is jealous! Finally! lol.

    PS: Thanks so much for the shout-out. xo

  3. Nice find! Looks like you made out pretty good today. I really like that last color of nail polish - very pretty.

  4. Thanks everyone sharing my exciment :-)

    Lena, you're welcome. It's fun to share good savings. Wow, you have 4 friends to haul with? That'd be incredibly fun :-)

    R, I was gonna DM to tell you about this haul :-) It's really funny that I got what I wished for. Maybe somebody high up was listening, lol

    Geekygirl, I grabbed all the doable colours of polish I saw, hope I can put them all in good use.

    Deez, the haul was at Lawton, a pharmacy/drugstore chain only in the Maritimes.

  5. FRIG I wish we had a Lawtons in Toronto XD
    But luckily I have a friend who might bring over some later on :P lol

    but that is one GORGEOUS haul! All that damage in just under 10~mins! Congrats! lol