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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I just came back from outside. It was AWESOME out today. Yesterday, it was all rainy and grey, and today I woke up with lots of sun and surprisingly warm weather. At least the tallships can't complain that this little town doesn't treat them well when they are here.

Basically I spent the whole afternoon at the waterfront with Squirt and the bf, so no Sunday shopping for me. I stopped by Shoppers yesterday and did a small haul. Can't help it. In my haul post last week, I mentioned the Rimmel Eyeful Eye Glisteners were on for CAD5.99 and I grabbed the 2-for-1 bonus package, so it worked about CAD2.99 a piece. This week, Shoppers has them on for CAD4.99, together with the Stir It Up eyeshadows (also in 2-for-1 bonus packages). There seems to be no info about these babies on Rimmel website, so I can't add a link here. I'm always sucked in when eyeshadows are on sale, especially these Stir It Ups, normally sold for CAD11.99 a piece. So, here's what I got:
- Eyeful Eye Glistener 500 Stand Out, 700 Girls Only, 200 Straight Lace
- Stir It Up 400 Out of the Blue (green with purple sparkles) and 800 No Way (grey with white sparkles).
CAD2.50 each, I didn't do too bad there, did I?

I am loving the "berries" on my nails this weekend :-) I have Revlon Not Too Blue-berry (scented) on my fingers and Revlon Blackberry on my toes. Loving both of them.
My first time using a Fruitful Temptations - Scented when Dry polish from Revlon. I hauled all 8 colours from the collection but consider Not So Blue-berry quite special and different from the rest. The colour is half blue half purple, depending on the angle you look at it. Most of the time, it looks like lilac/violet colour. Regarding the scent, Not So Blue-berry smells like cotton candy, sweet (not in a bad way) - not overwhelming. After a day wearing it, the scent faded a little but I could still smell it, which was nice. I don't know why Revlon didn't include yellow, orange or green to make the collection a little more exciting. 5 among 8 shades are from the red family of colours. Sucky!

Now I don't normally like pictures of polish on toes, as certainly pictures of the feet aren't really nice to look at. Let me make this an exception, as I so love Blackberry right now. It was like the best shade of red that I came across. I hate red shades that are too overpowering, too bright or don't have a character. Blackberry looks a little darker in the bottle but appeared very nicely on the nails. It's like a deep maroon kinda red. I tried taking pictures of it both in the shade and in sunlight, while we were taking a break at the waterfront (My bf was teasing me for taking pictures of my feet). I choose the pic in the shade, as it showed the colour better. But believe me, this polish looks awesome under the sun, sparkly and charming.

To end the post, here's a picture I took of the HMS Bounty. Do you recall seeing it before? Yes, it was in Pirates of the Caribbean, a celebrity, lol. I was so excited when I read about that in the info board, as I had no idea I had seen it :-) You're probably tired of me talking about tallships. Well, they are gone tomorrow after the Parade of Sail when they sail one by one around the harbour and off to sea. It was just one of those exciting events (they only come in town every 2 years) that I like to brag about a little. We did have fun today. Squirt had her face painted (a "Princess" face) with lots of pink and sparkles. When we were tired of walking in a big ocean of people, strollers, dogs, we sat down having some food on the patio of Victor. It was nice.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.


  1. I see an Eyeko Shopping Bag :D
    did you buy it? or won it?
    I love that its such a flashy silver :P

    I have to check a few more Shoppers, cause I havne't seen this deal thus far...I hope it applies to us too! *crossed fingers*

  2. Lol, I was going to say something about that Eyeko bag in the background but didn't think it'd matter. Yep, I won it on twitter, has never shopped Eyeko before.

    Hope you could find the same deal. It was awesome!

  3. ohhh I love sales too, and that's super cheap for Rimmel! I'm a huge sucker for eyeshadows when they're on sale too :) Hope you had a good weekend!

  4. Yeah, Rimmel has been getting good attention lately. I just hope we could get more new products from them, as the lines are quite different geographically :-)

  5. How do they differ between places?

  6. They were deals from 2 different weeks, so there was a $1 difference (last week was CAD5.99, this week was CAD4.99) :-)