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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Saturday, it was rainy and grey for most of the morning, so I didn't go to the gym. Squirt had a Spring Fair event at her school, so we went for a bit. While in downtown, I dropped by Del Sol to see whether they had any promotion on the nail polish. For some of you who haven't heard of Del Sol, it's a really neat store that sells clothing, sunglasses, nail polishes and lots of other stuff that all change color in the sun. As it gets warmer and the sun stays out more, their products would sell a lot faster. The colour-changing nail polish is of course the main point of interest to me. They are $10 each but normally on sale as "buy 3 get 1 free". Right now until June 11, the website has 50% off everything for orders of $50 or more, no code needed. As the website doesn't ship to Canada, I was hoping the store would offer the same deal, so I can finally got some of these cool bottles (as honestly, CAD10/bottle isn't really in my price range). Based on the swatches posted by Scrangie and Lacquer Laine, I could easily see myself grabbing more than 5 bottles - Ruby Slipper, Rock Star, Surfer Girl, Electrick, Sassy, etc. Unfortunately, the lady at the store told me they can't offer the same sale, as they are only a seasonal store and can't keep up with sales on the website. So that was a bummer. I'll see whether I can ask my sister's friend in the States to get some, and pay for shipping.

The one Lawton I went to had the Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri polish on for CAD3, but most of the popular shades were gone. I only got Pronto Purple and Blush Rush, plus Lightening that I got from Walmart for CAD4, which made my little collection of Insta-Dri. I tried another Lawton in the mall but didn't even see the shelf for this line, so I don't know whether it was just a one-store thing, or I was too late to find out about this deal. I will update if I could find more of these from other Lawtons that I can get to.

We went to the mall as La Senza (recently bought by Victoria's Secret) had semi-annual sale on. I was hoping the Victoria's Secret's lines were on sale too but they weren't - still 5 for CAD20 for lip gloss and 2 for CAD20 for the Secret Garden body products. The only good thing was my bf bought a pair of Clarks' shoes for CAD70 from Sears, worth the trip.

I got 2 things at Winners. I didn't plan to drop by, but my bf was browsing around Future Shop and Winners was just next door, so I wandered around - and found some fun stuff.
First, a collection of 7 small bottles of Shower Gels from Simply Treasures - Tulip, Jasmin, Hyacinth, Peony, Rose, Daisy and Lilac, on sale for CAD5.50. Just thought it would be a nice bridesmaid gift that my sister could give to her friends. She's getting married in November and I'm flying home for that, so excited.
I also bought a Popelle palette that was on clearance for CAD5 and all colours were in tact. Winners once in a while has some Pop Beauty's items but they are normally tested by different "customers" and look really crappy. It was just pure luck that I found one that was as good as new. I also saw some new Elf's eye sets (neutral and plump shades which included 4 shadows, a shadow brush and a few pencil liners, mascara, etc. for CAD9 but I didn't like the shades, so I skipped those. It was just interesting to see Elf at Winners, at least we now have access to a few products without paying high shipping cost.

Sunday, it was suprisingly sunny and warm. Squirt and I brought out our skirts and short sleeved Ts, plus our flat shoes as well. We spent 2 hours walking along the waterfront, taking pictures with the boats and grabed some "world's best icecream" at Cows - as they claimed the title themselves. It was so much fun, except for the long line at Cows. We grabbes some KFC to the park near our house so Squirt could play a bit more at the playground.

Before heading home, we went to Shoppers. Saw a few great finds there today.
Some Sally Hansen's nail treatments were on sale for CAD5 (regular price around CAD8-9) and there were little stickers on the packages for $2 off, so they ended up being only $3 each. I got 4, as I was going to give the base and top coat to my sister, to pair up with some nail polish I sent her before. The nail hardener and whitener were for me, as I found my nails have been quite weak lately (peeled off very easily) and turned a bit yellow. Hope this stuff works. Also in the picture was Vaseline Cocoa butter deep conditioning body lotion and hand & nail conditioning lotion, on sale for CAD2 each.

Yes to Carot was a brand full of curiosity to me, as it just came to Shoppers not long time ago. Some of the products were on sale for CAD8, so I got the Night moisturizing cream to try out.
I got myself enough day moisturizers with SPF, so I have been looking for night moisturizers lately. I am using Olay Definity foam moisturizer and quite liked it - non creasy, aborbs real quick and keeps my face nice and soft. Maybe I'll try YTC next, when I finish the foam.
I found Rimmel's U-Rock eyeshadows (the swirl edition, exclusively to Shoppers) on sale for CAD6 (regular price was about CAD9-11). 800 Pavement had white, purple and dark grey, and 500 Go Green had yellow, green and chocolate. Very pretty. I also got HIP Flamboyant for CAD5. I have almost all the shades that the stores have in Canada, but I skipped this shade before probably because of the bright purple. I like yellow but wasn't sure I could pull off bright purple. It was on sale today, and CAD5 was as low as the HIP duos could ever be around here, so I wouldn't want to miss it.

Another sale alert at Shoppers.
The Costa Blu body line was on sale for CAD.99. Yep, 99 scents, folks, from regular price of about CAD8. The sale was on Shoppers' flyer but wasn't posted on the shelf, so you might easily miss it. There was a limit of 4 per person (from the 5th item, the price would be CAD3), so I grabbed 2 sets of 3x100ml body wash. They were (1) Honey, lemon and sweet almond, (2) Rosemary, fennel and olive, (3) Bergamot, Orange and grapeseed. All sound pretty good as some of the ingredients listed are well known of their ability to help the skin stay moisturized and soft. These could make great gifts when I see my friends back home. I got the body lotions of (1) and (2) only, due to the limit of 4 but probably will come back to get the (3) scent, just to complete the collection. These are awesome deals, considering how much they cost before sale.

That was it for this week. Thanks for stopping by.


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