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NOTD: Quo by Orly Rock Show

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is Rock Show, my first dive into the Quo by Orly 18-pc mini nail polish gift set I told you about, as requested.

Rock Show is a reddish pink/ purple with a huge amount of beautiful gold shimmers. The colours are complex under different lighting, it's hard to pinpoint just 1 shade. At times, it reminds me of those fall leaves on the trees down the street, some other times, it looks like a great holiday colour.

I have a hard time capturing the gold, but trust me, it's there, plenty of it. This is 2 coats, good opacity.

First close-up: with flash.

The flash brought out a lot of red and dimmed the rest, so this is not true to colour, be warned. However, this pic shows the gold shimmers the best, both in the bottle and on the nails, and trust that the gold is a lot more intense IRL. I'm sold on this one, for the fact that what I see in the bottle is exactly what I get, no surprise, no disappointment.

Second close-up: Direct (weak) sunlight, closer to its true colour. I would say Rock Show is the redder version of OPI It's My Year, based on online swatches - as I don't own the OPI (yet).

Some other findings about the Quo by Orly mini bottles: the rubberized cap offers good grip, so I have pretty good control over the brush which is short, but of decent width to cover your nails in 2-3 strokes like any other full sized brushes.

And last close-up: low light. This was taken in my office, the light source was not strong enough, but it shows the shimmers well.

Size wise, they are 0.15 Fl. Oz/ 4.4ml vs. 0.48 Fl. Oz/ 14ml full size. They might sound tiny, but are actually only a hint smaller than Essence Colour & Go bottles (5ml).

Price wise, they also cost just a hint more than the Essence - CAD2.17 a piece.

Last shot for cool effects, and I'm done :) This was my Halloween mani, not really in the spirit of the day, but I couldn't wait longer to bust open the box and try a shade.

Note that there is no individual names on the mini bottles, just on the box, so it's best to keep them in the original box or you have to make name stickers for each. The good thing is the box looks like a display case, pretty enough all by itself already.

Even though some shades from the core line have arrived in stores, quite a few in this set have not, so we get to try them out before deciding on the full sizes when they are available.


  1. I love this shade!!! :) The gold shimmer is stunning! I am so itching to get the set too lol Great pics. Thanks lovely!

  2. that's really pretty! looks like a zoya shade but i can't think of which one and feel way too lazy to go dig it out my nail drawer lol

  3. That looks like Rally Pretty Pink from OPI! Thanks for sharing! =)

  4. Hmm...just spotted this set today, it may have to go on my Christmas wish list. I think we all have our idea of what this polish looks like, though -- to me, it looks like OPI's It's My Year, which I just picked up last week. I wouldn't say no to a similar one by Quorly, though. :)

  5. Mel, you requested a good colour :)

    Socialitedreams, it is darker than Zoya Faye :)

    Sheila, it's darker than Rally Pretty Pink too lol

    Jilliterate, the set is a great item for Xmas list. Like I said in the post, it's a little more red than It's My Year, but quite close I think

  6. Doh, you did say that! Literacy fail on my part! :P