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Big Day Downtown I

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It hasn't been a great summer around here, weather wise, up until the last week or two. I can feel the fall chill early mornings and after the sun goes down, but during the day, it is warm and sunny. I'm taking it all in.

There is another reason to enjoy the season, the Big Day Downtown event, hosted by Downtown Halifax. I am participating this year, and this is my first "downtown adventure".

Last Sunday, the IncrEDIBLE Picnic was in town, right on the waterfront, at Sands at Salter. Note the playing on words in the name. You'll see the sand at the end of the post, promise :) People come to the picnic to enjoy fresh picnic food prepared by local chefs with local ingredients. A great way to celebrate the land, right?

The picnics, happening at 12 different locations in the province, are organized by Select Nova Scotia. So was this humongous BBQ that grilled awesome corn cobs. First thing I did was to get my corn - as appetizer, free of charge, while sitting down in the tent with live music in the background.

Wait until you see my "entrees", lol.

Tada! On the left was a Norwegian waffle with blueberry (and supposedly cream but I skipped out), made on site. Mine was the second last one as they ran out of batter, but there were plenty blueberries left, so they said I could go wild with them. And I did, with fine sugar sprinkled on top :)

On the right was a salad roll, with crunchy veggies wrapped in a rice paper sheet. Dipping sauce was in the little container on the side. It was a bit big and hard to maneuver without falling apart, but I shoved it all in anyway. Delicious lunch, and did I mention it was fresh?

My dessert was one of the peaches from the basket on the left, from a local farmer. Felt like I handpicked them right off the trees. Nothing can compare to fresh picked fruits. There were fresh apple cider, ice cream, etc. but I couldn't eat anymore.

There was so much food there, I couldn't try them all. Some were already sold out when I got there, more than an hour in. I made a mental note to be there right when the picnic starts next year. It's a shame missing out on lobster rolls, seafood chowder and all the Maritimes goodies.

And this is the sand.

If you haven't been to our waterfront, it is lined with board walk for your leisure strolls. Seeing sand here is special. They even brought in umbrellas, plus the cool breeze coming off the water, I felt like I was at the beach. The only thing missing was the sound of the waves rushing to shore. I can dream of that part instead :)

My whole lunch cost less than $10, good food, with awesome view, music, friendly local people as company, I couldn't ask for more. Maybe they should make it a monthly thing in the summer, so I can have my picnic more often.

I do like it here :) Would you come visit?


  1. Halifax is definitely on my "To Visit" list. Someday I hope to spend a month or so travelling the East Coast of Canada. Glad you're having such an excellent summer!

  2. Awwwww, blueberry jealousy! I haven't been berry-picking all summer, although I managed to snag a lone one while hiking on Signal Hill the other day. I wish St. John's did stuff like this (Heck, maybe they do, and I'm just in the dark).

  3. wow that's a lot of blue berries in your waffle...drooling now..hehe

  4. Yay, come check us out, Theomanic :)

    Jill, I'm crazy about blueberries. Hate that I couldn't go picking this summer

    Hollie, yep, I packed my plate haha