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Sally Hansen Natural Beauty kit

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Hi ladies, I seriously need to pick your brain today the moment I see this at An Indian's Makeup Blog.

A Sally Hansen Natural Beauty 5 Minute Face kit, with the Luminizing face primer, a concealer, a blush, an eyeshadow trio and a lip gloss for 3 different skin tones. All for $12.99 - more than $30 saving!!! I want it now!

I always love Carmindy on WNTW show, like lots of people out there. Also heard good things about the green product line inspired by her at Sally Hansen. The thing is it is not available around here, so I have no idea how it performs.

I have it noted down in my US shopping list - if one day I do make it down there to shop. I think the price point is good for what the products promise to offer. And now a kit with a lot better price? The best way to try out a new line, how can you say no to this?

There is no information about this kit on the Natural Beauty website (but I found a form to fill out for a coupon, lol, for US only). The contact number for Canada only takes messages, so I left one. No news yet!

So my question for the ladies in the US: Have you seen the kit in store (CVS or anywhere else)? If you have tried this line, what are your thoughts about it? For my fellow Canadian readers, have you ever seen Natural Beauty in stores where you are?

EDIT: Sally Hansen got back to me. They confirmed this line is only available in the US. Sorry Canadians, we won't have a chance any time soon. They said they would pass along the interest to the marketing department so they know Canada wants Natural Beauty. I wouldn't raise my hope just yet.

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  1. oooh okay, so that's what I should be on the look out for~ I do better when I see pictures :)
    anyway I'll keep an eye out for it~
    looks like such a great deal XD

  2. I haven't seen this in the states, yet! $12.99 is excellent!

  3. I haven't noticed this yet, but then again, I hardly look in Sally Hansen aisles. Will keep an eye out :)

  4. I haven't seen this exact packaging but I've seen the individual products at ULTA.

  5. I edited the post, as SH confirmed Canada doesn't have this line :-) It sucks

  6. I've tried the foundation & really like it! The only thing is that now that its winter the shade doesn't match. I would buy it in another shade if I ever get my butt down to the states soon!

  7. i bought eyeliner and the foundation primer from cvs... i've never owned a face primer before so i'm not sure how that is supposed to work was smooth and silky..but the eyeliner i really liked, it was smooth and blended easily..i have not seen this kit but i am on the lookout now! thanks!

  8. Monica, yes it sucks that we can't get these products here.

    spifftiff88, great to know you like the products. I heard good things about that primer. Hope you can find yourself a kit :-)