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China Glaze Fall 2009

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

All rumours in my Glitters and Chromes, and more post have been confirmed by China Glaze, so this is an update post for you ladies.

China Glaze fall collection Khrome is coming out October 5 (as the soonest) with 6 gorgeous colours: Millenium, Metallic Muse, Sci-Fi, Robotika, 2030 and Hi-Tek. You can click on the picture for larger view.

The first 2 colours are also part of the 8-piece set "Glitters and Chromes" that is exclusively available at Sally.
4 glitters are Nova, Medallion, Cleopatra and Atlantis, 4 chromes are Millenium, 24 K, Metallic Muse and In Awe Of Amber. So I have to hunt down Atlantis and Metallic Muse now.

The "Specialty Colors" collection which is available everywhere else has 4 cream colours and 46 glitters, $3.50 each. Victoria Nail Supply has all the 50 pictures up, but a few shades are not available (out of stock) at the moment. The website says they don't ship outside US but I'd contact them to confirm Canada shipping if I want to order.

Hope the information is helpful for some of you. I know not all of you are crazy about nail polish like I am :-)


  1. Good info! I saw the Khromes this summer and can't wait for them. The coverage looked fantastic, no brush strokes. That's a lot of polish, I'm losing track.

  2. I'm dying to buy the whole China Glaze collection! I bought the first 5 glitters. These look like they will be interesting also. I can't wait till someone swatches them.

  3. That's truly a lot of polish, glitters and all. China Glaze really does a great job this time. How can we stop ourselves from buying lots and lots of them now? lol...

  4. OMG!
    ChG chips like MAD on me...but how can I refuse chrome and glitters??? HOW I ask you! lol

  5. Hey Hun, your going to be at IMATS on Sunday?? Come on the Saturday and maybe all us beauty bloggers can have a meet and greet ;)

  6. Rasilla, don't try to resist this one, cause you can't, lol.

    Krista, has there been a meetup arranged for Sat? I won't be in Toronto until noon that day.